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What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

With over 480 million products for sale on Amazon in the United States, brands needed a way to stand out on the digital shelf. Amazon Marketing Services provides a way for the brands to place ads at the top of the search results page.

What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)- fissioninfo.com

What is Amazon Marketing Services?

So now the question that arises is that what is Amazon Marketing Services. Amazon Marketing Services(AMS) is a self-service advertising solution for keyword-targeted ad campaigns

Available to almost all vendor brands, Amazon Marketing Services offers brands the capacity to tailor their Amazon ad spend with targeted commercials that will appear where possible customers are most likely to notice them.

By using ideas like related products, search keywords, and shopper interests and intents, Amazon Marketing Services helps brands accelerate demand for products. Brands can register for Amazon Marketing Services for free, they pay only when customers click the ads.

Amazon Marketing Services: Paying for Placement

Since Amazon’s product search engine essentially rewards sales and clicks with higher search rankings, it is hard for new sellers to climb their way to the top of Amazon’s search results page. 

And though improving the quality of products is important to increasing discoverability; Amazon Marketing Services helps by bringing immediate page clicks.

Choose How Your Ads Are Seen

You can choose whether you want your ad to appear as a Sponsored Product, Product Display Ad or as a Headline Search Ad.

  • Sponsored Products appears in the actual search results list. In this example, you can see a SAMSUNG sponsored product in the search results for “ELECTRONICS.”

What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)- fissioninfo.com

  • Product Display Ads appear on the side or bottom of search results pages, as well as on related product pages. eg. of a Product Display Ad on Amazon for the word “sunscreen.”

What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)- fissioninfo.com

  • Headline Search Ads appear at the top of the search results page and can include a custom copy of an ad. A Headline Search Ad can also link to a branded landing page you create including pics, links, suggested items, and product information. Take a look at this ad.

What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)- fissioninfo.com

Choosing Where Your Ads Are Seen

Depending on the kind of ads you choose for your campaign, your ads can appear on laptops, tablet, and mobile phones, on many Amazon departments, and even on external sites.

Only Pay for Results

You will only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so Amazon is only rewarded for efficient advertising. This offers brands better control over their marketing expenses.

And since marketing campaigns within AMS include access to key performance, you can analyse where and why your ads are functioning well or might have chances for the betterment and adjust accordingly.

A Powerful Addition to Product Detail Content

When combined with solid basic and A+ content, marketing with Amazon Marketing Services provides you with the perfect results.

By adjusting your ad messaging to match the content of your product detail pages, you can create consistency for your customers while keeping your brand name. Consistent messaging is essential for giving customers the confidence to click the Buy button.

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